Water for your Wedding

I originally wrote this article for Chicago Bride Magazinehttp://www.chicagobridemagazine.com/featuredarticles/toc/JewelWaterforyourWedding.pdf

Water for your Wedding

The big day is only weeks away and you’ve just visited the florist to finalize your order and drop off a deposit to ensure delivery.   As you get into your car, you can feel another headache popping through. A question is hammering through you mind . . .how will the florist ensure that your special posies are fresh and perky for your 7 pm wedding when delivery is scheduled for early afternoon?…WATER, of course!

You are the most important “flower” – the centerpiece – of the day. Have you stopped to think about water in  relation to how you will look and feel when you finally walk down the aisle? Will you appear wilted, feel bloated or gaze at your Mr. Right through sunken eyes? Hopefully, you be energized, glowing, and easily slip into your gown because you started the freshening process with proper hydration today.

 Knowing how much water to drink is important. The body is 55-75% water, but loses 8-12 cups a day and needs to be replaced. Water plays a major role in every cell, organ and system in your body. In general, women need nine cups of fluid a day (and men need 12 – don’t forget the Groom). Adequate water intake helps provide the following benefits:

  • Aids in digestion, waste elimination, transporting nutrients
  • Regulates the body temperature
  • Keeps skin moist, energy levels up and alleviates some headaches
  • Maintains acid-alkaline balance and supports chemical process
  • Keeping well hydrated often helps to regulate appetite. People often mistake thirst and hunger, and eat  bodies are actually craving fluid.
  • Surprisingly, making sure you are properly hydrated can also help avoid that bloated look since your body holds water when you aren’t drinking enough.

While most of your fluid needs should be met by drinking water, it is available from other beverages, soups and even foods. About 2 cups of fluid is provided from the average diet, and skim milk, 100% fruit juice, and decaffeinated teas are mostly water, so you can count them toward your daily goal. Fruits and vegetables also contain some water. Don’t count your alcoholic and caffeinated beverages towards your daily fluid intake, because they act as diuretics and cause you to lose water.

Bottled or Tap?

It’s basically a matter of taste if you drink bottled or tap water. Make sure to drink what you like and you will tend to drink more. Keep these water facts in mind:

  • Fluoride- Most municipal tap water is fluoridated. If you rely totally on bottled water, check the label to see if it contains fluoride. If not, discuss with your dentist.
  • Sodium- Municipal tap water usually is relatively low in sodium. Water treated with a home water softener can have higher levels. Check the labels if you are drinking bottled water.

Healthy Water Habits

  • Start the morning off by drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up…..before the coffee. 9 Carry a water bottle wherever you go, drink frequently.
  • Keep a large mug or bottle of water at your work desk and refill! (Make sure to wash your mug daily in the dishwasher.)
  • For every cup of caffeinated coffee, tea, or soda, drink a cup of water.
  • Switch to decaffeinated coffee, tea or soda. 9 Drink a glass of water before eating meals and snacks. (Water fills you up, so you might eat less.)
  • At home, keep a half-gallon of water in the refrigerator and drink from it all day until empty.
  • Set a goal for yourself. For example, you will not have a caffeinated diet soda until you have finished a 32-ounce water bottle.
  •  If you don’t like the taste of water- try club soda, sparkling water, or seltzer with a splash of fruit juice.

If you still have that headache after reading this article (or surrendering that big check to the florist), drink some water! Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that you will be a blossoming bride on the big day, and might just help with that headache.