Eat less, Exercise More: Why is such simple advice so hard to follow?

As I was running the other morning, this thought came into my head and I tweeted it after I got off the treadmill. It’s funny because as we age, the hair on our heads falls out or de-pigments itself, while hair in other places grows longer, darker, and thicker. We lighten it or remove it in the wrong places, we darken it and grow it in the right places. We ladies may find a beautiful dress and then eat something that causes our bellies to stick out like we swallowed a dodge ball. Guys try to impress a woman and end up putting their foot in their mouth. Thus, my thought. Our human-ness is what keeps us grounded and reminds us that no matter how great we are doing, something will happen to help us keep our sense of humor.

As a dietitian, I remind myself (and my patients) of this as we take the journey of food and lifestyle makeovers. That’s the fun and frustration of taking care of yourself, whether trying to grow as a professional or within your own choices day to day in caring for your body. So here’s some fun thought inspiration to embrace all that makes us human while we make the shift to better choices:

1. Fiber can contribute to gas and bloating. Chew thoroughly, increase fiber slowly, drink plenty of water, and wear clothes that are comfortable and you feel confident in while your body adjusts. Read labels and understand that ingredients like sugar alcohol and inulin in large quantities have similar digestive results. Don’t blame fiber if it may be something else. Read labels, and if your symptoms are unbearable, please see your doctor.

2. Garlic and onion can contribute to stinky breath. Floss, brush teeth, gargle, carry mints. I carry some that are “curiously strong”. 😉

3. Winter, dry, recirculated air isn’t your skin’s best friend. Drink water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables within a balanced diet (all food groups).

4. Trendy diets are the shark tank of the nutrition world. More on this in a future post, but basically, if it sounds too good to be true, or involves odd food “rules”, it’s probably not your best bet. You don’t need to make deals with anyone to make better choices.

5. Food is eaten for more than just the nutrients it provides to sustain us. Own it, embrace it, and manage it.