Why Food Safety is Everyone’s Favorite (Even When We Don’t Know it)


When someone asks you what your favorite topic is to talk about, chances are, you probably don’t shout “food safety”!  However, as we all prepare for the final food filled celebrations of 2014, let me share some of my favorite reasons why this topic may just need to be the first thing that comes to mind when people ask you to talk about something awesome.

  1. Without it, you could die. Ok, you might get terrible stomach cramps and other nasty gastrointestinal symptoms and dehydration versus actual death, but it is a possibility.
  2. You could make everyone sick if you don’t respect it. Need a sure fire way to make sure no one ever comes to your parties again?  Forget food safety and that’ll do the trick.
  3. It’s the first thing every kitchen should have on its list when looking to impress. Are you the first in line after the health department closes down a restaurant because it’s in violation?  Probably not.
  4. It’s not the first thing everyone notices when it’s right, but it sure gets the spotlight when it goes wrong. Like many things, such as a crisp paint job, working plumbing, electricity, hot water….We take it for granted and don’t thank anyone for these things, but boy is there some serious yelling when these things go awry.  Food safety is like that.
  5. It makes things smell nicer and taste better when it’s present. Ever get a whiff of bad fish or rotting produce?    Kind of dulls the excitement of eating, right?

That best friend who is always there for you when the chips are down?  Maybe you could call them when things are looking up.  And remember to treat food safety the same way.