Why We Need to Stop Glorifying Food


When you talk about the basic needs of a human being, food, water, shelter are paramount.  So why is it that lately, people are acting as if perfectly fine, humble food is either elevated to movie star status or slammed like a criminal?  Perhaps it is partially because we have become so disconnected with the farm to fork process that we have forgotten to respect nutrient-rich as a fundamental need and essential component to life.

It goes without saying that rating food choices is part of the important discussion we need to have.  I’m a dietitian, it’s part of what we teach because a good majority of our nation’s population is fighting excess weight, diabetes is on the rise, and heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death for both men and women.  With all of these things related to our personal food choices, let’s be honest.  We don’t know enough about food, and all of a sudden, what we are doing is treating food like a status symbol instead of the life sustaining thing it is.  Food is not just for nutrition, but it also helps define us culturally and connects us with our loved ones.  These things can live in harmony if we just tweak our mindset.

Do you really believe the marketing campaigns where you simply can’t have fun at parties with healthful food choices?  Do we really believe that we need to surround ourselves with high calorie nutrient poor foods to have a good time?  Or is there room for fun with a nice mix of food groups to support our nutrient needs, or for things that don’t quite look perfect?  You know it.  If you saw the recent campaign out of France for ugly fruits and vegetables which were given their own marketing program, you know that positioning works.  So why not take that technique and put it to work at home?  Enlist your friends, family, and coworkers to rethink their choices.  Not in a preachy way, but in a fun, challenge, I can beat you with my cool healthy choices kind of way.  Go on pinterest for ideas.  Fruits, vegetables, string cheese, yogurt, and oatmeal have all kinds of love coming their way with the right recipe and beauty shot. So if you are going to glorify food, do it so it elevates your health and well-being, not the opposite.

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