Festive-ize your Foods for the Holidays!

I originally wrote this post for IGA and you can see it here: http://igabetterchoices.com/uncategorized/festive-ize-your-foods-for-the-holidays/

  • Serve festive fruits and vegetables that are easy to eat and pretty to serve.
    • Arrange red and green apple slices in a wreath shape and serve with caramel sauce.
    • Use green veggies like asparagus, bell pepper, broccoli, and snow peas to make a tree. Use cherry tomatoes for ornaments and a light ranch dressing drizzled over like garland.
    • Roast bell pepper, asparagus, eggplant, mushroom, cauliflower, squash, or any other veggies on sale that week of the party. Serve with hummus or salsa.
    • Make a minted fruit salad shaped with holiday cookie cutters.
    • Offer a bowl of clementines.
    • Bake apples that have been cored and filled with dry fruit and nuts with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Celebrate with thoughtfully chosen and pre-portioned charcuterie.
    • Offer prosciutto, reduced-fat cheese, and smaller slices of all your favorite options.
    • Add dried fruit, nuts, and bell pepper strips.
    • Garnish with fresh herbs and veggie based condiments to be mindful of calories.
  • Cheers to cheese!
    • Make sure slices and cubes are truly bite sized.
    • Pair chunks of cheese with fresh basil and a grape tomato on a toothpick.
    • Offer low-sodium and reduced fat options.
    • Serve full-flavor cheeses that pack a delicious punch.
  • Offer winter water with a twist or a treat.
    • Freeze bits of peppermint candy, mini candy canes, or cranberries into ice cubes for a festive flavor and look (for adults).
    • Garnish still or sparkling water with a candy cane on the side of the glass.
  • Make dips higher in nutrition, not calories
    • Use light sour cream, nonfat or reduced-fat Greek yogurt, or reduced-fat cream cheese to shave a few calories from your dips.
    • Offer salsa and other veggie based dips.
    • Make your own dips/dressings with flavorful vinegar, fresh herbs, and a splash of oil for wonderful flavor with minimal sodium and mindful calories.

Staying on track this holiday season is simple with a bit of moderation and a some thoughtful decisions with better choices for you and yours in mind. Happy Holidays!