What Does “Better Choices” Really Mean, Anyway?

I originally wrote this for IGA and it can be viewed here: http://igabetterchoices.com/general/what-does-better-choices-really-mean-anyway/

Food is important to people. It’s personal to people. And for good reason. We learn from our parents, family and friends about food, cooking and what we like and dislike. It becomes even more personal when we start to connect the food and lifestyle choices we make with our health.

What happens when what we think we know about what we eat meets what we need to know about what we eat? Ultimately, we may just begin to realize that we have to, and want to, start making different choices—whether it’s smaller portions, or new favorite recipes. We start making better choices. You might be surprised at how reasonable those better choices can be.

  • What if you just want to remember to eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable every day?
  • What if you just started realizing there may be more to food than how it tastes?
  • What if you have a goal of running a marathon?
  • What if you just want to feel a little better, move a little more, and eat a little smarter?

All of these could be considered better choices, all of them can reflect health and wellness, and all of them inspire us in terms of helping you navigate the choices you see every time you go grocery shopping.

And you’re not alone. In fact, a recent report from dunnhumby, the world’s leading customer science company, showed that people want and expect their grocer to help them learn more about health and wellness. So we are embarking on a health-and-wellness journey to help you make better choices.

What’s our philosophy? We believe that it’s all about balance and enjoying occasional treats while making wise choices every day. Moderation is key, and with a little planning, pretty much all your favorite things fit in just fine. Want that piece of birthday cake on your birthday? Have it by balancing it with a healthier meal and some activity. Simple, right? And more importantly, something you can do for a lifetime.

And pretty soon, you just might find that your small better choices become bigger ones.

It can happen. Because better choices are all about taking that first step, wherever that may be for you.