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5 Favorite Things About Frozen Foods

Have you ever said you are too busy to eat better? Or that you don’t have time to prep food after a busy day? Lucky for you, frozen food extends your options to make better choices, no matter how busy the week becomes.

Frozen foods have been around for a long time. In honor of frozen food month, here are five reasons frozen food can (and should be) part of your year-round menu planning.

  1. Perfectly prepped. Open the bag or container, cook, enjoy!  No chopping, dicing, or other prep is necessary. Talk about a time saver!
  2. Meals ready in moments. Frozen foods help remove so many reasons for not having fruit and vegetables in the house. Buy big bags on sale to be ready for a fast, easy and nutritious meal at the drop of a hat–even if your schedule keeps you busy with work and school commitments.
  3. Small can be beautiful. No longer are certain foods out of reach for a one or two-person household. You can buy a quantity of whatever it is you like and safely, conveniently keep it on hand for whenever the mood strikes you.
  4. Culinary confusion crushed. It’s not hard to cook with frozen veggies. Many tasty freezer options have great recipes right on the package, so you can use that as your shopping list and for your meal prep at home, or try some of these tasty ideas this week!
  5. Nutritious nibbles. Frozen fruits and veggies are just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts, so stocking up on these colorful, tasty, food groups isn’t just a good time saver, it makes good nutrition sense too!

What’s in your freezer?

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