The Successful Professional’s Guide to Smart Phone Savvy Snacking

I once had someone tell me that they liked to eat donuts for breakfast instead of more nutritious choices because it took less chewing so he could hurry up and eat it and get back to work.  I’ve seen people struggle in meetings to try to be elegant in their healthful but messy/hard to eat choices.

Let’s be honest. Many of us have chosen snacks not based on their nutritional value, but instead for whether or not they will leave a greasy trail on our smart phone screens and/or if they are socially appropriate to eat in meetings without drawing attention to yourself or your food choices.

Many of the delicious foods that happen to be good for us too are crunchy, teeth stickers, and/or impossibly hard to eat in a sophisticated way without getting gooey hands or screens.  It’s time to stop letting your business success get in the way of your desire to care for yourself and make better food choices.

Here are a few examples of nutritious snacks with modifications for work appropriate enjoyment. This is not a comprehensive list, so use your imagination and apply the same type of thinking to your other favorites:

Delicious, nutritious option At home At-work modifications “Equipment” needed
Apple Eat whole

Slice with knife

Added to oatmeal


Pre-slice before meeting with apple slicer or enjoy applesauce


Knife & Apple slicer (slicer more work appropriate than knife)

Spoon for applesauce

Napkin or moist towelette

Banana Peel and eat Not best choice for a formal meeting. Eat before you go or use a fork

Have a plan for what to do with peel in meeting


Napkin (wrap peel after eating)

Don’t throw out where it will be stinky later

Cheese stick Enjoy Enjoy, place wrapper somewhere appropriate to recycle after meeting Napkin

Thermal lunch bag

Cherries Wash, enjoy! Not best choice for formal meeting. Eat before you go

Wash, pit, put in a reusable bowl

Cherry pitter

Reusable bowl with lid

Fork and Napkin

Check teeth after eating

Grapes Wash, eat Wash, eat

Choose seedless, red or green; raisins

Green may be less visible if stuck in teeth 😉

Check teeth after eating

Either pre-stem or dispose of properly after meeting


Nuts In shell or pre-shelled



Consider possibility of nut allergies before choosing

Consider moist towelette to avoid salt or oil on phone or when shaking hands
Pineapple Whole, cut into chunks; canned in juice or water Whole, cut into chunks; canned in juice or water – use a fork Do not bring the entire pineapple to work. Eat with utensils, not your fingers. 😉
Tea Loose leaf or bag Bag Do not leave bag on table. Include a cup or lid to place bag and dispose of properly
Water Cup, mug, or other reusable and washable container Cup, mug, or other reusable and washable container; bottled if you must (pour into reusable glass) Wash cup/mug every day; recycle bottles
Yogurt Enjoy as is or combined with other foods Use a spoon or drink in a premade smoothie Spoon


Recycle container as appropriate

Make sure your next business eating occasion matches both your professional and your health goals.

What will you eat today?