Becoming Facebook Friends with your Food

You know how you think you know someone but then you become Facebook friends and see a whole other side of them? That’s pretty much how it is with food and nutrition once you start thinking about it from a health perspective. A new diagnosis of diabetes or having a heart attack may have you looking at the foods you eat regularly in a whole new way. Knowledge is power.

The more you know about food, the more fun you can have even when it’s a serious choice directly impacting your health. It’s time to get back to fun, people! Here are a few of my favorite nutrition questions with weird (true) answers that people have asked me about over the years for starters:

Brown eggs or white eggs? It’s not a nutrition difference. It’s ear lobes. Your chicken has red ear lobes? Get ready for brown eggs. Your chicken has white earlobes? You’re getting white eggs. Choose what makes sense in terms of price at the store. You’ll get the same great nutrition, regardless of shell color.

Wonder what color their ear lobes are?

Yellow or white cheese? The color is not an indication of nutritional differences. If you want to read a little story about orange cheese and some related trickery way back in the day, click here). So what’s the best cheese? I like strong flavors (like sharp instead of mild cheddar) so you get more taste with less portion size, and reduced fat instead of fat free or full fat in terms of overall fat and calories. Really, it is all about portion size and what you are doing with it. Choose the cheese(s) you like and manage your overall choices for the meal/day to fit in higher calorie choices of any kind of food.

US cheddar pref

“Natural” doesn’t always translate to “good for you”. Snake venom (boo). Poison ivy (boo). Green beans (yay!). Tomatoes (yay!).  Two of these are awesome. Two of these are awful. When something says it is natural but it isn’t obvious like beans or tomatoes in terms of being nutritious choices, look for the explanation. If they explain and you like it, great. If they don’t and/or you don’t like it? Next.  And PS –  obviously snake venom and poison ivy are not good for you. Don’t get anywhere near them if you can help it.

Food is fun. Information is fun. Fun makes important things, well, more fun. Let me know what your friends say when you start talking about chicken ear lobes. #mindblown