Can you save yourself?

As I have been out and about lately doing presentations and talking to people from diverse industries and backgrounds about health and wellbeing, the thought occurred to me that if we all had one simple question that helped us stay on track with our everyday choices, it would probably be way easier to think about and take action on.  So, here’s what I came up with.

Can you save yourself?

Think about it. Between weather extremes, bad behavior, just plain weird happenings and the fact that we are an aging population, it’s something to consider that isn’t about the size of clothes you wear. It’s about you.

If the electricity went out or there was a fire, could you take several flights of stairs to get out of a building?

If you had to hoist yourself out of a weird spot, could you?

If the paramedics come, do their standard rescue protocols apply to you?

Is there something you want to do that you are unable to do because of your own lifestyle choices?

The one main thing to note is that we have it in our power to save ourselves, personally and professionally, from a bad situation. You are almost never stuck. We just need to be brave enough to try a new way.

The world is full of bad choices that are easy to make.  It’s also full of good choices that are easy to make, even if many others aren’t making them. Think about how amazing and freeing it is to be confident in our ability to take care of ourselves in an unexpected circumstance. It may just make it easier to choose new things every day and say no to things that derail us from getting to where we want to be.