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Fruit & Veggie #FOMO – which are best?

Check out my tips to help you roll through the produce department confidently if you aren’t already, whether it is for every day or for a party tray.

There are loads of ways to determine food choices.

There are loads of ways to get to the answers that are right for you.

Instead of worrying about something like the one micronutrient that will save your life (not) or the one vegetable that is better than all the rest (not), let’s get to the bottom of fruit and veggie options as we know them today.

We need nutritious foods. We want the best for our loved ones and ourselves. We want to eat what we like. We like simple rules. Depending on the time of year, health, and occasion (did someone say party?), your priorities may shift. That’s the cool and complex part of food.

Check out my tips to help you roll through the produce department confidently if you aren’t already, whether it is for every day or for a party tray. If you like these, let me know and we can stroll through the rest of the food groups and get you some easy ways to navigate those choices, too.

salad-2756467_640Eat the rainbow. Mother nature helps us a bit in how to choose, as the very substances that give fruits and veggies their gorgeous, appealing colors also deliver different attributes help support our health. One of the simplest tips I can give you is to eat a variety of colors in fruits and veggies each week, with a specific emphasis on green and orange. Just be consistent in your intake.

Wash, wash, wash. Organic and conventional (I like both).bio-3019504_640

Pesticides. Dirt. Germs. You know what helps remove some of that stuff we don’t want in our meal? Washing them. Wash your hands and then wash your fruits and vegetables.  Don’t you love when something so easy works so well? Oh, and this is one place I will judge – if I see someone leave the bathroom and not wash their hands, I will judge. Eeew.

Eat the ones you like. I once had someone tell me they only liked one color of apple (red or green) but heard the other color was better for them so they stopped eating apples all together. NO!!!! See point 1 – each color brings a unique mix of goodness. There really isn’t a wrong choice unless you are allergic or your medications/medical history tell you otherwise.  So…go for it. Smile. Choose. Wash. Enjoy.

What am I eating? This week, so far, my choices have included spring mix salad greens, tomatoes, Bing cherries, peaches, cauliflower, grapes, watermelon, blueberries, carrots, and peas. #nomnom


By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.

3 replies on “Fruit & Veggie #FOMO – which are best?”

I eat both organic & conventional but always look for the former (heading to our local Clarendon Hills farmers market today to enjoy the bounty of a Michigan organic farm). I do this as I am not sure all pesticides easily wash off…might some get absorbed into the plant?

These Kirchherr columns are helpful. This one reminding me to expand my produce color spectrum.

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Thanks, Bill! If you haven’t already checked out the two links I included in this one about pesticides, take a look – I think you’ll find them interesting.


I love sensible and useful nutrition advice to help keep me on a path to better eating and that’s why I love Kim’s comments. If we make healthy eating too restrictive and too challenging people give up. Kim shows us there is a path to walk that is authentic, scientific and useful. Thanks Kim!

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