Percheron Family – Ray H. Bast

In honor of my grandpa, Ray H. Bast, President of the Percheron Horse Association of America for 18 years, and who has been gone 25 years this July 2018, (July 4, to be exact), it’s an honor to be 2018 Percheron Queen/Ambassador at the National Percheron Show.  Thank you, Percheron Horse Association of America, for this opportunity and for sharing what my grandpa did. Here is a little bit more about my grandpa and grandma. Stay tuned for more stories as we prepare for the 2018 National Percheron Show!

As noted in the May 2018 Percheron Horse Association of America newsletter article, Ray H. Bast joined forces with some other Percheron breeders “to save the Percheron breed and Association from virtual extinction”.

RHB infographic 2018 final 814.png