What really happens when we eat?

Starting with the tongue (after we select, buy, and prepare our food), our body transforms the food we choose into the fuel we need. What a useful little “device” we come equipped with! Love this video about how important our tongue really is. Worth the 5+ minute watch. Developed for kids, clever enough to hold adult attention.  #SpoilerAlert: our tongue has several major jobs, tastes five different flavor categories, and helps get food moving through our system. Check it out:

Once this tasty food leaves our mouths (thanks, tongue and saliva!) it winds its way through our system.  Yep, we need to eat to live. The fuel we choose helps determine how good we feel, what we carry around in terms of weight, and helps our body do its “thang”.  Please note that if you have any health conditions you should be working with a doctor and health professionals to care for yourself and your particular needs.

Wondering if you should do a cleanse? No need to “do” this separately, because of your liver. You don’t need to pay more for this “service”, or schedule it.

Wondering about this whole enzyme thing? Your salivary glands and pancreas are on it for you.

Check out the 3-ish minute video for an overview:

It’s easy to get caught up in the shiny new information on any topic.  It’s absolutely important to keep up with the latest science and cool new things we know. Just don’t forget what we already know and what our bodies are truly capable of. That way, we can take care of it as best as we can and confidently chew our way through the food we choose.


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