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Lessons from the Princesses

I’m not saying real life or real people are anything like the Disney princesses or the new real-life brown eyed princess…Or are we?

Updated 11/2020

As I was digging in the garden recently as my (self-imposed) garden reorganization project is underway, I thought of my favorite version of Cinderella, called “Ever After”.  Cinderella was doing her chores to care for her home (just like me!) before Prince Charming whisked her away. This got me thinking about princess-y aspects of real life.

Can you imagine a princess with bags under her eyes from lack of sleep? No.

Imagine a princess who doesn’t have long, flowing healthy hair. Can’t.

Going back for seconds and thirds at a dinner instead of networking with global guests or getting to know the very people you represent? No way.

What if, a la Shania Twain, “last year’s dress is just a little too tight” (for a function)? Not.

It may be fair to say that Cinderella and the sparkly actress from California already carried themselves like princesses. They knew they needed to be healthy to work hard and perform their duties. They stand up for what they believe in.

This seems pretty darn princess-y to me. Maybe that’s why we find them so refreshing.

What if we all had to take care of ourselves to be able to perform our duties?

#SpoilerAlert: We totally do. We just have less of a global population watching us. I shut my car door all the time, for example, and it doesn’t make the news. 😉

Regardless of the level of glamour in our lives, let’s take care of ourselves. I recently rejoined a gym in addition to my at home routine (more about that to come) for this very reason. When I had my new member orientation, I think I perplexed the trainer a wee bit when I told him I (simply) wanted to continue to be healthy and strong. And do stuff like get myself out of a chair when I’m older.

Now truth be told, I did get to wear a tiara this summer when I was Percheron Queen. But even if you don’t ever get a sash or tiara, you can still treat yourself well.  We all deserve the best. We all deserve to remember (and act upon!) what it takes to maintain our human selves.

My trainer taught me a few new moves to awaken muscles that I say have been on vacation while they let my other muscles do the work. I’ve incorporated them into my routine. Why? We can be fit and still want more. We can think we look and feel great but feel even better. Our bodies are capable of so many things! Let’s figure out how to take advantage of that.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I will help you get inspired/informed. Yes, people will notice when you do something different. Yes, they may comment if you start to get off the couch and/or eat better to support your personal goals. You are doing it for a reason. Maybe, just maybe, your choices will inspire them to make some new ones of their own.

What are you waiting for?

By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.

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