When the #FarmMeetsTable, Almost Anything’s Possible!

This post and my Farm Meets Table series are sponsored by Bayer.

Food. We can’t live without it. Literally. It’s personally significant, with culture, heritage, and family details all coming into play in addition to the sheer fun, curiosity, and excitement that surrounds trying a new dish from a different country.

If you follow me, you know that my becoming a dietitian was an intentional choice that came from being personally impacted by health as I was deciding my college major.

These are some of the reasons I was excited to learn that Bayer was starting www.FarmMeetsTable.com, a place to learn more from experts about food and farmers. It’s also why I am happy to start working with them on a series of articles to share ideas and stories about food with you. Over the years, my conversations about food, health, and agriculture have evolved based on what we continue to understand in science and what you are all asking me about in our conversations in person and online.

My first story, “Farmers Give us the World on Our Plate“, is live now, and I can’t wait for you to read it!  I’ll let you know when the next few are posted, too, so you don’t miss anything.


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