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A More Mindful Mimosa

The story of mimosas starts way before the pour. #drinkresponsibly

Updated 5/16/21

This is not a sponsored post. It was inspired by my recent conversations with people in agriculture – farmers and other experts. As people move farther away from farms in their personal lives, it makes sense that there are more questions about food and how it gets from where it is grown to where we can choose to buy and eat it. I like curiosity, and I like knowing about what’s happening and new. Curiosity can lead to great discussions, don’t you think?

Brunch – does it have a season? In Illinois where I live, it feels like the answer is yes. Mostly because (almost) no one really wants to leave the house in frigid temperatures, even for something so fun and delicious.

Warmer weather is right around the corner (hooray!). Winter starts to turn to spring and we eagerly await groundhog day, then a few flowers peek out in the garden. So of course, the conversation turns to brunch. There are many favorite foods for this meal. Apparently in Illinois, at least according to this article I read, mimosas are our favorite brunch dish.  So there you have it. Let’s discuss.

dinner party table setting
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What inspires your choices when you consider the brunch menu? Taste? Weather? The people dining with you, or the decorations on the table? There are many wonderful reasons we choose what we do, and talking about these delicious options is part of the fun. Even the champagne and orange juice that make up your mimosa are incredibly interesting beyond the taste and flair they add to the meal. #drinkresponsibly

So many people are hard at work to make our favorite foods and beverages possible. It starts even before choosing ingredients in the kitchen, and it’s more complex than reviewing a menu with endless options. Agriculture experts, including farmers, are thinking about many additional details. Kind of like we do in our own jobs, whatever they may be.

orange juice stemmed glass
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Take orange juice, for example. You’ve probably heard something on the news about citrus greening. Long story short, it’s a serious citrus plant disease. Yes, plants can get sick, too. People and animals can’t get this, but it’s devastating for sunny citrus, and has actually already impacted our access to these nutritious, delicious, long time favorites. If you are in a climate that enables you to grow your own, take steps to help where you can. Most of us are not in this position, but while we sip our oj or mimosa, work continues to help figure out solutions for this.

What about champagne? You probably know it can only come from Champagne, France. The thing about most unusual edible items is, there are standards of identity, deep considerations about growing things, and regulations that cover details that we can only imagine as outsiders looking in. Ever think of any of the 15,800 growers, and/or the 120,000 grape pickers? I do. Did you also know that like many other foods and beverages, the champagne industry thinks about sustainability? Yep. Agriculture is pretty amazing.

That’s the thing about agriculture, food, and nutrition. These are complex topics that are fascinating. Next time you get excited for a meal with dear friends and family, consider the families and wonderful complexities that make our favorites possible.

Here are some fun recipes for brunch inspiration and beyond:

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Raspberry Mimosa Mist #drinkresponsibly

By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.