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Fitness and Health, Celebrity Style

What if, instead of following a celebrity for advice on how to take care of ourselves, we got some experts ourselves?

Get ready for your 15 minutes of fame. Red carpet events. Millions of followers. VIP status. Celebrity tips only go so far. What if, instead of following the celebrity for advice on how to take care of ourselves, we got our own entourage of experts?

Superstars don’t usually hold up other superstars for their own personal health and wellness. If we really want to “be like them”, we can also get our advice from trained experts. A chef, personal trainer, dietitian, vocal coach – you name it.

From a marketing perspective,  we have easy access to what influential people are saying (notice I didn’t say “doing”).  Check out this graph, for example.


We’re kind of surrounded by the presence of people who could influence us.

Admire and mimic the clothes, the hair, the style…

When it comes to your health?  You do you.

There is NO one diet. There is NO one exercise routine. There are MANY ways to take care of YOU that your taste buds will like and science supports.

This next chart below is a snapshot of marketing dollars: healthcare and education budgets are at less than half of consumer packaged goods (these are things we use regularly that need to be replaced often – food, soap, makeup, etc.). No wonder it’s often easier to hear marketing messages versus healthcare experts.

Marketing isn’t “bad”, in fact, it can be fun and helpful (it can also be wrong and fleeting).  It’s just not the same as personalized well-being advice from a health professional/farmer/expert of whatever topic you need.

deloitte marketing budget by industry
  1. Follow who and what will help you. Look into the background and training of the real experts most suited to help you achieve your goals. You can literally get yourself information from farm to table. Here are a few options to check out (These are just a few thought starters. They didn’t ask me to include them or even know I was going to):
  2. Do what’s right for your health in regards to food and activity choices – not what anybody else does. Your inner celebrity needs (deserves!) a personalized routine that you love, and meals that support your health that taste yummy to you. Yep. Obviously science is where it’s at, and true experts will be up on current science and what that means for you. Eating the same exact salad as your favorite star? Not needed. What if you like a different kind of green? It’s still green.  See what I mean? 😉
  3. Learn about modern agriculture. Just like we need to stay up on skills needed for our jobs, farmers do this too. It can be eye-opening to understand what farmers know and who they work with to grow and raise our food for us.  Since we need to eat to live, and our food choices support our health, this is a really great part of the farm to table conversation that is awesome to understand.

…See you on the “red carpet” (or at the grocery store, or on the sidewalk, or…)!


By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.