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What is your Primary Purpose?

It’s easy to think your purpose is to make money, pay the bills, get the promotion. Those are responsibilities, not purpose…and it’s SOOO much easier to be responsible when you are driven by your purpose. It’s not just about word choice. It’s about focus and reaching the goal.

If you don’t know what your goal is, it’s hard to make choices to get to that goal.

If someone tells you you “should” do something, it’s not as meaningful as if you know, want, and need to do it (care for yourself). Nearly everyone has opinions about the “right” way to eat/exercise. Opinions are not guidance.

I’m not a doctor or psychologist. I am a dietitian and a trainer. My job is to hear you and help you find your way on your journey to better health in a way that honors your culture, beliefs, skills, and whatever else drives your decisions. It’s that simple.

It occurred to me after speaking to some farmers, dietitians, and CEO’s recently as well as getting the latest @HarvardBiz publication (that metrics/strategy article on page 62 is awesome!), that we have a misalignment. People have forgotten that our first job is to – wait for it – take care of ourselves.

This is your primary purpose.

I used to say I had the most important job (as the only dietitian in the company) because if people weren’t healthy and got sick and died, there’d be no one to do the work and no one to be the customers/clients. It’s a bit sassy, yes, but isn’t it the truth?

If you are sick, you aren’t there for your family, friends, or your work.

We have to believe that doing the right thing for ourselves (and others) involves eating the most nutrient-rich foods most often.

We have to believe that enjoying nutritious food AND the occasional (note I said occasional) treat is good.

We have to believe that exercise needs to take up some of the minutes of our 24 hour day. Same with sleeping.

If you don’t believe any of this, no wonder there is a struggle with health.

Today is your day, my friends. It’s the turn of the calendar. It’s the countdown to holiday buffet time. It’s the day you are going to put a stake in the ground and say that you know what your goal is and focus on the right metrics.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Refocus to reclaim your vision of the finish line.

Ready. Set. Go.



    1. Thank you, Bill! Was just thinking about you on Friday as I walked down Michigan avenue after a meeting, passing where the studio used to be. Such good memories of the WGN radio shows we got to do together. 🙂


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