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Words “Make” Friends and Foes

Went clothes shopping with a BFF the other day.  We’re both fabric fans. I love natural fibers most, plus blends that wrinkle less for travel.

I don’t like what I call the stinky fabrics – you know, the ones that absorb smells. Bleah.

Fabrics and food actually have something in common (besides potential smelliness): agriculture. Surprised? Don’t be, as agriculture is the source of our food, fiber, and fuel. Kind of cool, isn’t it? So…if you love the planet, don’t just think of food. Think of fashion, too. Look at the tag before considering the shirt or whatever you are buying. When you do this, you might start to notice what we did: word choice on some items is getting really interesting, and often sounds like some of the newer word choices in food. Here are a few examples:

Hot smoothies. aka soup.

Vegan butter. aka margarine.

Vegan leather. Pleather. Non-leather material. Also known as (aka) fabric.

Plant based. aka Balanced meals including all food groups, Eat yo’ fruits and veggies

balanced eating plant based
3 of 5 food groups are “plants”

This is intended to make you smile, push pause, and ask yourself if you are choosing words to be understood. Can we use words to mean what they mean? You know what I mean?

PS – In the same spirit, consider the “standards of identity” – the official description of things so we know what the heck we are talking about and so everyone’s playing by the same rules and we get a consistent item. That sounds nice, right? Right.  Most of us have not visited the FDA website to read the volumes of details about our food. You might want to check it out. In the meantime, for your convenience, I cut and pasted this section to give you a taste (see what I did there) of what I am talking about:

“…For example, all regulations under section 401 contemplate that the food and all articles used as components or ingredients thereof shall not be poisonous or deleterious and shall be clean, sound, and fit for food. A provision in such regulations for the use of coloring or flavoring does not authorize such use under circumstances or in a manner whereby damage or inferiority is concealed or whereby the food is made to appear better or of greater value than it is.

(d) Safe and suitable means that the ingredient:

(1) Performs an appropriate function in the food in which it is used.

(2) Is used at a level no higher than necessary to achieve its intended purpose in that food.”…

From: FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21


Don’t forget to remember the farmers who grow and raise everything they do to offer us the diverse choices we have in foods and fibers so we can each choose what we like.

Most words on their own are just dandy. It’s the combination of many of them that seem confusing at times. What to do? Push pause and ask yourself what it really is. Guessing you’ll enjoy the “game” as much as I do. Words can be fun. They can also evoke lots of reactions.  So…use your words wisely.

food words gourd squash
Image by Jan Kosmowski from Pixabay


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