How to Win your Personal Food Fight

Seems like everyone has an opinion on what we should eat these days.

It’s kind of exhausting to deal with (unsolicited) comments from “everyone”.

It also may make us feel like making a choice we know won’t bring forth So. Many. Comments.

star trek not a doctor

Dammit Jim, I’m [NOT] a doctor….But I am a human and a trained health professional (dietitian, woot woot) and I am the type of dietitian who pays attention to what I see and to what my patients/audiences are telling me.

Take a look at this insight from the Hartman Group (and read more as your schedule allows via links):

“From climate change to politics, anxiety has become the metaphor for the current moment, reflecting a widespread sense that modern life tends to be just “slightly” overwhelming. We see this in two of our recent studies (Sustainability 2019 which documents palpable concerns for environmental, waste and social welfare issues) and also in our Health + Wellness 2019 report which found that for the first time, stress had replaced being overweight as the top health condition America’s households are actively treating or preventing. The surge in the management of anxiety or stress is mostly driven by consumers preventing health conditions, especially among Millennials and now Gen Z. While Health + Wellness 2019 finds that weight is still seen as a key indicator of overall health, mental and emotional health are becoming more prominent aspects of how consumers understand health and wellness.” –The Hartman Group

What if we could simplify our food choices and concerns about “all” of this?

What if I told you we can?

Here are a few things that seem super simple and yet are ridiculously helpful in your quest for self care, well-being, and frankly, feeling better. They won’t draw a bunch of unwanted attention. Unless you want them to.

  1. Wash your hands. You take antibiotic use seriously. So do this because it’s literally one of the easiest ways to help reduce the spread of germs and disease. It’s been shown to reduce respiratory illnesses by 21% and diarrhea by up to 40% yet globally only about 19% of people wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  2. Read the menu ahead of time to pick options without an audience.
  3. Make it a game to see if you can eat a seasonal fruit and/or vegetable every day.
  4. Make it a game to include a different protein each week.
  5. Take one hour a day for fitness and well-being.
  6. Allow time for meal planning and preparation.
  7. Marie Kondo” your social media. Following negative things, or people that don’t bring you joy have got to go.

All of these things can be easily streamlined into your daily routine.

Captain Kirk chart and info

Which one will you choose first?

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