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3 Reasons NOT to Exercise

My guess is if I talked to each of you individually, you could spout off some health benefit or reason why the human body needs what it needs.

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How many of us feel like we’re in detention with a really clueless supervisor when (unqualified) people come at us with their opinions on what to eat and how to take care of ourselves?

If you exercise for any of the following reasons, it’s probably related to why you might not stick to it. You aren’t a failure. You have good intentions. Let’s reframe the “why” to get better results:

  1. Exercising to get a different body.
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    There is no return line. No trade in. We get what we get. Exercise to (actually) get taller? No. Exercise to change from an apple to a pear or vice versa? No. Exercise to get a thigh gap (Remember that? Sigh). No. Exercise isn’t for changing a body, it’s to maximize the one you have. Think of it like this: condo vs. townhome vs. single family. They all have their pros and cons. But they are different. Whichever one you have, make it awesome.

  2. Exercising to fix poor nutrition. Boo. Food and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or avocado and toast. Or maybe bacon and eggs. (smile) … Food is the fuel. You wouldn’t put diesel in your unleaded tank.  You wouldn’t (hopefully) skip oil changes or other important care for the vehicle. It’s like that. We exercise to maximize performance after we put the right fuel into our tank. Enjoy your food choices. Eat every day foods every day, and party foods at the party.

  3. Exercising because we have to.Ugh. I’ll say it again…I bet if I asked every single one of you if you know why exercise is good for you, you could spew at least one science-based reason. (PS they are true). BUT…Pretty much no one likes to be “should-ed”. Move your body because it feels good. Do what you like. I garden in the summer, walk outside when weather allows, and treadmill it when weather is bad.  All of these provide think time about cool projects I’ve got going on. Think about the times you weren’t sitting or laying and liked it. Walking? Dancing? Gardening? Cooking? Swimming? Lifting weights? What? Focus on the good feelings from letting your body do what it can. Celebrate the ability to “do” so you can enjoy the time you “sit”.

As we continue throughout the year, and make it around again to “resolution season”, consider what you like to do, and do it. Game on.

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3 of 5 food groups are “plants”




  1. I especially appreciate the point about exercising to compensate for bad eating habits. I feel many people don’t see health holistically or as a consistent, in fact, a life-long process. When you arrive at a healthy groove that’s comfortable for you, coupled with the right mind-set, you’re on your way.

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