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Dear Body

Lookout world, because when we fire on all cylinders mentally and physically, it’s game on.

Updated 11/2020

Dear Body:

It’s been a while since we really talked, although I think of you daily. As another decade winds to a close, thought it was the perfect time to reach out.

You’ve been with me since the beginning – we’ve gone through such tremendous periods of growth. Remember when we entered middle school? Wow, did things change then – you got taller, we figured out what subjects we liked best, we joined band and joined sports in every season.

Sports really showed what we could do when we set our minds to it. Conditioning week in volleyball was really where we bonded. Remember when we almost couldn’t walk after our workouts? Coach was brutal! It was awesome. Oh, and those serves and hits we aced? Or the blocks at the net where you stuffed the ball in their face? I shouldn’t like that memory so much…but I do. 😉 Oooh – and remember that time on the basketball court, where the girl kept trying to box you out and you came up with the ball? Coach was so proud.

How could we forget the math relay team – remember when we got that really crazy problem? Felt so good to get that thing solved. I could nerd out on which chair we liked best – first and set the tone, or last and bring it home – or maybe middle support? I saw – and still do see – the benefit and watch-outs in all these positions.

Good times. I think we might both agree the surprise hit was taking typing class. Who knew (before social media and smart phones) that typing skills would be so critical to success now. Too funny.

College was where we really had to kick it into high gear. Fitness and meals became our own to figure out – no more coaches telling us to do burpees, run a mile, or get in the weight room. We did pretty good in that fitness center…and remember organic chemistry? “Not bad, for a dietetics student” – remember the professor saying that? He was a hoot.

Then, our first job. Oh, how we loved that, working in a hospital-based health and fitness center. Helping people figure out a plan to care for themselves. Eating and exercise brought to life. I could go on about the path we forged, but I digress.

My point in reminiscing about these times where we were pushed to the limits physically and mentally – we really learned what we were capable of, didn’t we? I wanted to thank you. You performed well even when you were neglected at times.

Wouldn’t it be fun to recapture the dedication with which we approached both sports and tests? Eating well, sticking to the fitness routine, and getting enough sleep. Seems so simple yet so many are so far from these basics.

The nice thing about a new decade is that it is a marker of sorts. It makes it easier to reflect upon the past while looking forward to the future.

Lookout world, because when we fire on all cylinders like we did on our best game days, during finals week, and in our biggest work successes, it’s game on.

Wishing all who read this a moment of reflection. A moment to consider what you can do today to make your best days ahead of you. 

What’s your “dear body” letter?

By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.

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