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Fishing for Lunch or Dinner Ideas?

Making fish at home is easier than you think. #Seafood2x #EatSeafoodAmerica #Tuna #WildAlaskaPollock

Updated 10/2020

I started writing this long before the pandemic popped up (this is #notsponsored but it was inspired by a talk at a conference I attended, including information from Starkist as well as some recent conversations with my friends at Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers). I wanted to rethink this for you especially after reading recent stories about how shopping has changed in the current pandemic scenario.

As I was thinking about cooking dinner and all the wonderful choices within the protein group, I Googled “people are scared to cook fish at home” and got millions of results. Yikes. Fear not, my fellow stay-at-home friends, let’s dive deeper (get it?) into this together.

Canned and frozen options are great in addition to fresh because you can buy them on sale and still keep your trips to the store to a minimum. They work great when you are grocery shopping online, too. Plus, they are easy to prepare, so it’s kind of a win all around.

What if we were to rethink food choices not because we HAVE to, but because we WANT to? Don’t be scared to give fish a whirl. Start with easy recipes, like the ones I am sharing below.

Words and phrases are meaningless until they aren’t. Concepts related to overall health and keeping everything from our digestive tract to our immune systems healthy are in conversations in person and online pretty much daily. Take the protein group, for example. Both land and sea, on farms and ranches, across the world. The variety we get to choose from is pretty amazing, and incredibly important. Why? Because each choice is a sum of its parts – a matrix of nutrients, unique to that choice. I’ve talked about choices within this group frequently, because the questions I get about protein are plentiful and frequent.

Here are a few words and phrases related to fish-alicious choices that are helpful to know:

Fresh from the farm, freshly frozen, canned within hours of harvest…

Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA in particular-click through the links I’ve provided here to learn about recommended amounts, food sources, and what they do for our health)

Protein is an essential nutrient that is found throughout the body, from hair to blood vessels to muscles and more. Bodies need more when growing (when you are a kid) and during pregnancy and lactation. The protein group showcases many sources of protein but did you know that dairy, grains, and veggies also have some protein in them, too? Yep. It’s important to eat a variety of protein foods because the bundle of nutrients that come with each choice are different.

Seafood twice a week for health benefits. We hear this often, and the easiest way to explain it is that the nutrients in fish are smart for your heart as part of a balanced eating plan.

If you find yourself wondering what to make for your meals this week, give seafood a try. There are loads of recipes and easy ideas in the links in the first paragraph here, and I’ll share a few more of my favorites (#notsponsored I still like and make these! You can scroll my Pinterest page to see even more tasty recipes I’ve used through the years in tv spots, articles, and at home):

Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas

Salmon Burgers

Easy Slow Cooker Jambalaya

Caribbean Jerk Shrimp

Open-Faced Tuna Melts

Red Pepper Tuna Boats

Seared Tilapia with Avocado Mango Salsa

By Kim Kirchherr

I am a dietitian working in food and fiber (agriculture) through retail, addressing opportunities to make things better for people and planet.