About Me

You could say I grew up

a little country and a little rock and roll.

My mom grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and my dad is from Chicago.  My maternal grandfather was a Wisconsin dairy farmer and Percheron (draft horse) man, and my paternal great grandfather had a horse-drawn milk route in Chicago, so I’m one of the lucky 2% with direct ties to agriculture.

holstein cow
My mom at the family farm in Wisconsin

Authenticity and the ability to connect dots is essential in the complexities of navigating Farm to Table conversations. What I know isn’t just from school. I grew up living it.

horse and man
Grandpa B. with one of his Percheron horses

Intentional career choices helped shape my approach, thinking, and network to maximize outcomes. My background includes leadership and spokesperson experience in agriculture, supermarket (including 6,000 international independent operators and the number one retailer in Chicago), media (traditional and social), and hospital-based health and fitness centers.

grandpa ahrens
Great Grandpa A., Chicago

I’m an internationally recognized and innovative farm to table expert with the ability to connect farmers, retailers, “consumers” and other relevant organizations and individuals. I collaborate with other experts to build, execute, and evaluate strategies, engaging programs, and experiential learning with the goal of improving health outcomes while increasing trust and sales. I help you see what it could be instead of just what it is. Current clients span the food supply chain.

Check out this snippet below from an interactive communications session for dietitians – why and how social media matters to help people take action on food and nutrition science as we know it today. Smart people communicating in “all channels available” is essential!

Projects and ongoing long-term assignments: Writing and Presentations, Strategy and Implementation, Spokesperson – Social and Traditional Media (B2B, B2C, B2B2C)

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Kim Kirchherr, MS, RDN, LDN (IL), FAND, NASM-CES, CAE is an award-winning registered dietitian and President of K2 Outcomes LLC, a strategic health, nutrition, and agriculture consulting firm specializing in the interconnectivity between the farm, the supermarket, and the table. Kim’s leadership roles in agriculture, grocery and health/well-being have helped shape her comprehensive perspective and her extraordinary ability to translate science into useful information for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Her global expertise and collaborative leadership style provide context needed to shift strategy, solve problems, and enable clear communication with internal and external stakeholders working towards positive outcomes in sustainable nutrition inclusive of health, socioeconomic, and environmental considerations.

Prior to establishing her business, Kim worked in direct patient care, drove thought leadership and health strategy efforts for various organizations, served as the nutrition spokesperson and private label brand ambassador for Jewel-Osco, the largest grocer in Chicago, and worked for America’s Dairy Farmers as Vice President of National Dairy Council. She is a sought-after subject matter expert with the ability to write engaging articles and create/deliver presentations internationally onstage and online, covering a wide array of complex topics literally from the farm to the table. www.kimkirchherr.com

Awards and Volunteer Leadership

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year, 2006

Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, 2011

Excellence in Consultant Practice, 2020

Member, Agriculture Literacy Advisory Group, Cook County Farm Bureau

Committee for Lifelong Learning, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (responsible for the core programming for the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) – appointed

Chair, Food & Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group (FCP), 2017-2018 – elected

Chair, FCP Agriculture Subgroup – appointed

Chair, FCP Supermarket Subgroup – appointed

President & CEO, Illinois Dietetic Association 2012-13 – elected (now Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

President, North Suburban Dietetic Association

k2 green

Kim Kirchherr. MS, RD, LDN (IL), FAND, NASM-CES, CAE

President, K2 Outcomes LLC

Registered, Licensed (state of IL) Dietitian Nutritionist

The content shared on this site is for informational/educational purposes and should not take the place of appropriate medical care. The thoughts shared are my own.

Visuals across this site include pictures from appearances, original photos from my own collection, and/or curated from appropriate resources to help visually tell the stories.

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