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You Can Do It

Every day, we are faced with choices, multiple times, for snacks, meals, and unexpected food encounters. How we think about, choose, and approach these moments matter.

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Saying Yes

Say yes more than no and ask for help along the way. This philosophy has served me well and allowed the chance to grow both personally and professionally, meet amazing, smart, funny people, and work collaboratively to bring forth experiences and knowledge to those who crave it.

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What Does “Sustainability” Mean?

For better progress and understanding, let’s add a little clarity to this conversation.

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When Enough is Enough

There comes a time in life when you may want to say these words. When it’s time to say stop. Stop not taking care of yourself. Stop wasting food. Stop being mad at professions and people you don’t know. Stop letting people bully you.  Now let’s get to the positive. Start taking care of yourself. […]

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A “Clark Kent” of Agriculture Innovation

Recently, when I was invited to Germany (#sponsoredtravel) to interact with a diverse group of people from science, agriculture, health and wellness and journalism as part of #FutureFarming, I shared that there was so much learning that it would likely result in many blog posts. Here is another one inspired by my experiences.

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An Apple Chat Over Dinner with Gregor Mendel

Smart people inspire me. So does great food.

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A Farmer, Scientist, and Dietitian Walked into a Greenhouse/Farm/Restaurant…

I was invited to Germany (#sponsoredtravel) to talk with and learn from experts from a variety of backgrounds. We talked about farming and our food. This is the first of several posts inspired by what we learned. #FutureFarming

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The (Internal) Wind Beneath Our Wings

It’s way more than just a musical fruit.

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The Complexity of Telling the Simple Truth about Food

Agriculture is complex. Food is complex. Food comes from Agriculture. Let’s dig in.

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Seven Ways TV and Movies Could Help Support Health and Wellness

You want to look good and perform your own stunts (so to speak)? Let’s make health a part of our culture.