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Is free food really free?

Take treating yourself to a whole new level.

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Food, Nutrition, and Agriculture, oh my!

If you’ve heard any of my presentations lately, you’ve heard me say the food and nutrition conversation just keeps getting bigger. Now, layered on top of food preferences, culture, religion, budget, cooking skills, medical history and everything else that comes into play with our food choices, people want to know more about the agricultural practices that led to that food on our plate.

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Dietitian Confession: the Real Reason I became a Dietitian

Transparent. Authentic. These are more than words. They’re expectations. So in the spirit of authenticity and transparency, it’s time I tell you the real reason I became a dietitian. I didn’t become a dietitian for you. I did it for me. And the good news? We both benefit. Let me explain.

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What we Say, What we Do

Stand for what you believe.

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Can Fun be Part of Responsible Eating?

The short answer is…yes. Food and nutrition are fun to talk about. We have cooking channels, infomercials spewing nutrition nuggets to entice us to buy gadgets and make our workouts better, we swap recipes with friends, and rave over favorite dishes at a friend’s house or restaurant.

It’s fun to talk about food and nutrition when we want to…but what happens when we HAVE to talk about it?

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It’s time for a deeper conversation about who you trust for your nutrition and food advice.


What Will You Make Better This Year?

Consider where you’ve been and where you want to go.

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Four Tips to Caring for Yourself at the Holidays

Enjoy traditions and treats that come but once a year.

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Go Deep (into the freezer) for Balanced Meals

The freezer can be your best friend, no matter how busy, no matter the budget.

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3 Things to Know about Cooking for Better Health (and Deliciousness)

Reconciling our taste buds and our brains can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore. It doesn’t have to be.