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What Does “Sustainability” Mean?

For better progress and understanding, let’s add a little clarity to this conversation.

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A “Clark Kent” of Agriculture Innovation

Recently, when I was invited to Germany (#sponsoredtravel) to interact with a diverse group of people from science, agriculture, health and wellness and journalism as part of #FutureFarming, I shared that there was so much learning that it would likely result in many blog posts. Here is another one inspired by my experiences.

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An Apple Chat Over Dinner with Gregor Mendel

Smart people inspire me. So does great food.

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A Farmer, Scientist, and Dietitian Walked into a Greenhouse/Farm/Restaurant…

I was invited to Germany (#sponsoredtravel) to talk with and learn from experts from a variety of backgrounds. We talked about farming and our food. This is the first of several posts inspired by what we learned. #FutureFarming

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Is free food really free?

Take treating yourself to a whole new level.