Make Meal Time Family Time!

With the busy school year back in full swing, it can feel like there’s no time for anything! But the good news is, with a little planning, there is time to make balanced choices to get us through the day with the nutrient rich foods we need. We all want to help our families (and ourselves) stay healthy, eat well, and work towards instilling great habits that can last a lifetime. Eating meals together at home is a wonderful way to share stories about what happened during the day, but you can also stay connected through packing lunches and snacks for the school day and after school activities.

3 Ways to Revamp your Meals

When’s the last time you stopped to think about exactly what you were eating and why? Most of us get into a rut when it comes to food choices, buying what we always do, making what we always make, and taking in the occasional unexpected food or beverage, when someone leaves cake or other food out in the break room at work. Stop the boredom! Here are three easy ways to shake things up and make better choices easier.

Make an adventure out of shopping!

In today’s fast-paced world, all too often grocery shopping is relegated to mindless options within arm’s reach, leaving us too rushed to stop and smell the produce, so to speak. But when time allows, I like to explore and enjoy every second of what I like to call a treasure hunt. Like any good adventure, preparation is key…

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