Why “Shop the Perimeter” is Kind of Bogus Advice

I’ve worked in many settings as a dietitian, including grocery stores. Over the years, this particular bit of advice to only shop the perimeter made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, so to speak. Sure, it would be great to provide easy-sounding advice like this if it actually worked. However, over time, you begin to realize that if you only shop the perimeter, you are missing other fantastic choices and the things that help turn ingredients into meals and snacks.

Spring is great for Grilling fruits and veggies!

After such a long and dreary winter, getting outside feels just right. Grilling is a social event, making the “cook” part of the party when planned correctly, and it’s actually a great way to cook with health in mind since food is not sitting in fat like it would on a stove top. This year, make your grilled meals sing with flavor and color by adding fruits and vegetables!

Grilling up the Five Food Groups

As grills fire up across the country and we prepare for Memorial Day Weekend to officially kick off grilling season, I started thinking about all the delicious things we’re going to be eating from the grill. Lean cuts of meat are obvious, but did you know that you can work every food group onto the grill? Here are some ideas to cross merchandise to inspire our customers while enhancing nutrition and taste.

Let’s Get Grilling!

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is here – the unofficial launch of summer grilling season. It can be the perfect time to clean off the grill, plan the menu and cook up a hearty outdoor meal for family and friends. We remember and salute our brave military personnel who have given their lives for our country.

In Plain Sight: Wrapping Nutrition Education in Relevance and Fun

Recently, the Midwest was hit by one of the bigger snowfalls of the season, blanketing everything in the kind of snow that is perfect for building a snowman. Later in the week on Pinterest, one of my pins was a pancake snowman with a bacon scarf. It instantly made me smile,, and off I went with the tweak of replacing the bacon scarf with string cheese and bell pepper to personalize it in my Tweet. Take it one step further – by making the replacement I did, obvious to all of us dietitians, it made it a three food group meal relevant to exactly what happened with the weather. Is it a full serving of vegetables? No, but perhaps it moved a customer to add a veggie where they never would have thought it fit.

Spring Cleaning, Kitchen-Style

It’s spring cleaning season! Instead of just swapping out wardrobes and cleaning house, this year, add your kitchen to the list! Whether losing winter pounds, training for a run, or just keeping up with the kids, changing the menu to healthier fare can help that summer wardrobe fit as well as it did last year while boosting energy. With a little creativity, the menu can go from winter weary to spring time cheery in no time!

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