Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Planning Balanced and Tasty Meals « The Dairy Report

What’s it like to live on $35 worth of groceries for the week? We likely all have a budget in mind when we head to the store to buy our groceries, but for the nearly 47 million people who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), previously known as food stamps, shopping on a tight budget is a reality of everyday life, and this is what the average person receives. So this September, for Hunger Action Month, when ABC7 Chicago asked me to take the SNAP Challenge to see if I could make balanced, nutritious meals on $35 for the week, I said yes.

Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkins were fun for Halloween, but now our thoughts turn to giving thanks and the classic pumpkin pie. One of my favorite seasons for fruits and vegetables is fall – the warmer versions of summer favorites roasted in the oven and the hard shell squash that replaces those summer squash we love, too. Why do I love squash and specifically pumpkin so much? Let me count the ways …

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