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Predicting Nutrition: It May Not be What You Think

You know how you think you know someone but learn more as Facebook friends? That’s kind of how it is with food.

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The Most Useful Food Tips You May Read All Day

As I was baking this morning to use up some pantry staples, this idea popped in my head of things that would be super helpful for people to know in regards to meals and food prep.

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The Successful Professional’s Guide to Smart Phone Savvy Snacking

Let’s be honest. Many of us have chosen snacks not based on their nutritional value, but instead for whether or not they will leave a greasy trail on our smart phone screens and/or if they are socially appropriate to eat in meetings.

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A Recipe (that doesn’t have to be) For Disaster

Recipes need a few specific details to be great.

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Eat less, Exercise More: Why is such simple advice so hard to follow?

Life is the journey between your brain’s desire to be fabulous and your body’s sense of humor.