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What are you gonna do about it?

The more you know and “get”, the more fun you can have while doing what you need to do.

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Are you ready to win?

When we think of the professions who “must” take care of their human needs first – eat well, exercise, sleep enough, etc., what comes to mind?  Athletes? Olympians? Musicians on tour? Actors prepping for a role? What if we thought about taking care of ourselves as a professional must?

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Microwave Minute vs Treadmill Minute: a Tale of Perception and Priority

Agriculture, food, and health are complex. To feel good and confident in your choices, go to the source.

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The New Wild, Wild West

Food and technology are complex topics. They can unite and divide us at the same time, sometimes even in the same conversation.

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The Most Useful Food Tips You May Read All Day

As I was baking this morning to use up some pantry staples, this idea popped in my head of things that would be super helpful for people to know in regards to meals and food prep.

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What I Learned in Las Vegas This Week

Shopping is fun. Technology is eerily exciting. Food keeps us alive. Information is coming at us a million miles an hour from every direction. Let me tell you a story that brings all of these thoughts together.

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Seven Ways TV and Movies Could Help Support Health and Wellness

You want to look good and perform your own stunts (so to speak)? Let’s make health a part of our culture.

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Is free food really free?

Take treating yourself to a whole new level.

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What we Say, What we Do

Stand for what you believe.