When it comes to our food, what do we really mean when we say local?

Where does our food come from? This question is top of mind for many people these days, especially when selecting food and making the best choices we can to support our health goals. As we become more removed from the farm (most people are at least four-plus generations removed from farming), we are intrigued by farmers, and want a closer connection to our food. It feels good to say we support local farmers and ranchers, but what does “local” actually mean?

Why “Shop the Perimeter” is Kind of Bogus Advice

I’ve worked in many settings as a dietitian, including grocery stores. Over the years, this particular bit of advice to only shop the perimeter made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, so to speak. Sure, it would be great to provide easy-sounding advice like this if it actually worked. However, over time, you begin to realize that if you only shop the perimeter, you are missing other fantastic choices and the things that help turn ingredients into meals and snacks.

Spring is great for Grilling fruits and veggies!

After such a long and dreary winter, getting outside feels just right. Grilling is a social event, making the “cook” part of the party when planned correctly, and it’s actually a great way to cook with health in mind since food is not sitting in fat like it would on a stove top. This year, make your grilled meals sing with flavor and color by adding fruits and vegetables!

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