3 Ways to Revamp your Meals

When’s the last time you stopped to think about exactly what you were eating and why? Most of us get into a rut when it comes to food choices, buying what we always do, making what we always make, and taking in the occasional unexpected food or beverage, when someone leaves cake or other food out in the break room at work. Stop the boredom! Here are three easy ways to shake things up and make better choices easier.

Make an adventure out of shopping!

In today’s fast-paced world, all too often grocery shopping is relegated to mindless options within arm’s reach, leaving us too rushed to stop and smell the produce, so to speak. But when time allows, I like to explore and enjoy every second of what I like to call a treasure hunt. Like any good adventure, preparation is key…

What Does “Better Choices” Really Mean, Anyway?

Food is important to people. It’s personal to people. And for good reason. We learn from our parents, family and friends about food, cooking and what we like and dislike. It becomes even more personal when we start to connect the food and lifestyle choices we make with our health. What happens when what we think we know about what we eat meets what we need to know about what we eat?

Done at the Grocery Store…Now what?

Your food shopping experience doesn’t stop when leave the grocery store. It goes on into the home, where you have to unload the groceries, promptly refrigerate or freeze items that need cold storage, and put away canned and dried goods. But you know how that goes. When you’re busy, tired, or distracted, even the best intentions for maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen go by the wayside, and everything just gets crammed into the cabinet, freezer or fridge while you tell yourself that you can just sort it out later.

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