One of the things I like most about being a Registered Dietitian is that we can have positive impact wherever there is a food and nutrition conversation happening, from the farm to the store to the table.

My input is based upon a framework of current science, emotional intelligence, and practical application. What I do is not prescriptive. It is tailored to each situation and need.

My point of view considers the three legged stool of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic aspects. Why? Because whether we are talking personal or professional, individual or organizational, these elements are interconnected.

Registered Dietitians have a code of ethics that I follow.

I practice what I preach.

I’m proud to work with who I do. 

Check out my disclosures list for more information on who I work with/have worked with.  If you have more questions about what I do or who I work with, just ask.

Kim Kirchherr by family pond
Me at the Kirchherr pond in Lake County, IL

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