My point of view considers the three legged stool of sustainability with social, environmental, and economic aspects. Why? Because whether we are talking personal or professional, individual or organizational, these elements are interconnected.

As a registered dietitian with the background and experiences I have, my focus is on the ability to provide positive impact in food, health, agriculture and sustainability-focused conversations.

The work and thinking I do are based upon a framework of current science, emotional intelligence, and practical application. What I do is not prescriptive. It is tailored to each situation and honors personal preferences, cultural relevancy, and many other important factors.

Registered Dietitians have a code of ethics that I follow.

I practice what I preach.

I’m proud to work with who I do. 

If you have questions about what I do or who I work with, just ask. You can also consider connecting with me on LinkedIn.

Kim Kirchherr by family pond
Me at the Kirchherr pond in Lake County, IL

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