Food is personal. One of my favorite things about the training I received as a registered dietitian is knowing that food is more than the nutrition it provides. It can be related to our family, our culture, our religion, and so much more. The science doesn’t change, but how we eat and think about our food is impacted by this.

We have a code of ethics that I follow, as other registered dietitians do. I practice what I preach and will not ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself or have my loved ones do. I won’t ask you to eat something I wouldn’t. I won’t judge you for eating something I don’t. Together, we will have a fun conversation.

Let me help you connect the dots from farm to fork and get to the “why” and the “how” to help make sense of the “what”.

Food can unite us, even if we choose to eat differently. If we let it.

Regardless of where we work, whether in a hospital with a formulary, a grocery store with all kinds of options, a restaurant, or other places, the science is the same (as we know it today). The building we walk into doesn’t change food or nutrition.  I’m proud to work with who I do.  Check out my “about” page in addition to clicking disclosures for more information, and notice it is included in the media and/or presentations I do, too.

If you have questions beyond what you read here, just ask.

March 2018