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Acceptance speech for Excellence in Practice Award: Consultant. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 10/2020 podcast: Nutrition in the New Normal 10/27/2020

Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos 9/22/2020

Setting Yourself up for Grilling Success with Illinois Pork (#client), 6/11/2020

Podcast: Secrets 192. Brand Success Begins with Clarity, not Confusion. Connecting Agriculture, Food, and Health. Brand Secrets and Strategies: Empowering Brands and Raising the Bar. (6/2/2020)

Don’t Wait Until You are Sick to be Healthy. Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos 5/27/2020

Supermarket News Article: Supermarkets Guide Shoppers to Better-For-You Foods in Center Store, 2/21/2020

In this episode of Shopping with Michael (3/24/2020), I share food storage & safety tips (#client):

The ECRM Podcast: How the Coronavirus Pandemic has Changed the Way Consumers Think About Food with Joe Tarnowski at 3/25/2020

Navigating Fad Diets on Gabby Road with Hannah, Fred, & Justin. 1/5/2020. Available on Apple Podcasts.

Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos 5/1/2019: 

In this episode of Shopping with Michael (4/23/2019), I share strategies for making healthier choices when shopping, planning meals, and eating (#client):

The Business of Health: Being Authentic with Your Target Audience.  Part of the Smart Talks series at the International Housewares show 2019:

Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos 4/4/2019:

2018 Percheron Queen, National Percheron Show

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