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The Hidden Cost of Free Food

Think about the last time you encountered unplanned food. Was it a breakfast or lunch at work or a conference? Donuts brought in by a coworker to say thank you? Samples of a food you’ve never had before (and that you would never buy) in a store? These extra, unplanned calories add up and can take a toll on health and weight as they pile up on us. Here are my three tips to navigating free food…

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Go Deep (into the freezer) for Balanced Meals

The freezer can be your best friend, no matter how busy, no matter the budget.

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3 Things to Know about Cooking for Better Health (and Deliciousness)

Reconciling our taste buds and our brains can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore. It doesn’t have to be.

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Why We Need to Stop Glorifying Food

Do you really believe the marketing campaigns where you simply can’t have fun at parties with healthful food choices? Why is it that lately, people are acting as if perfectly fine, simple foods (fruits, veggies, milk, etc) are either elevated to movie star status or slammed like a criminal?

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You Need to Read this Before Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

If you are buying individual items with no plan for what to do with them, you, my friend, need a grocery intervention. I’m here for you.

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Why You Need to Stop Being Afraid to Fail in the Kitchen

What is it about messing up a recipe or cooking in general that scares otherwise successful human beings? Why is it that the very act of preparing food, which sustains life, gives us this much pause? Here are three tips to help combat the kitchen related fear of failure so many people share.

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Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

When it comes to food choices, taste and budget are still top of mind, even when entertaining. Here are three ideas for inspired, tasty, and better-for-you entertaining that are delicious for the taste buds and friendly to the wallet.

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Why Food Safety is Everyone’s Favorite (Even When We Don’t Know it)

When someone asks you what your favorite topic is to talk about, chances are, you probably don’t shout “food safety”!  However, as we all prepare for the final food filled celebrations of 2014, let me share some of my favorite reasons why this topic may just need to be the first thing that comes to […]