Spring is great for Grilling fruits and veggies!

After such a long and dreary winter, getting outside feels just right. Grilling is a social event, making the “cook” part of the party when planned correctly, and it’s actually a great way to cook with health in mind since food is not sitting in fat like it would on a stove top. This year, make your grilled meals sing with flavor and color by adding fruits and vegetables!

Eat Right with Color: Go Green!

Find your pot of gold at the end of the health rainbow by eating a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables. Each color of produce provides a different mix of nutrients and helps support health in different ways. A simple tip for kids and adults alike is that the darker the color, the more nutrients per forkful!

Super Strawberries!

Strawberries are a sweet treat that can be enjoyed deliciously on their own or as part of the main entrée breakfast, lunch, or dinner! As part of a balanced diet, these red berries are a tasty way to get necessary nutrients like vitamin C for a healthy immune system, fiber for help with weight management and reduced risk for many chronic diseases, and folate for heart health!

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