In Plain Sight: Wrapping Nutrition Education in Relevance and Fun

Recently, the Midwest was hit by one of the bigger snowfalls of the season, blanketing everything in the kind of snow that is perfect for building a snowman. Later in the week on Pinterest, one of my pins was a pancake snowman with a bacon scarf. It instantly made me smile,, and off I went with the tweak of replacing the bacon scarf with string cheese and bell pepper to personalize it in my Tweet. Take it one step further – by making the replacement I did, obvious to all of us dietitians, it made it a three food group meal relevant to exactly what happened with the weather. Is it a full serving of vegetables? No, but perhaps it moved a customer to add a veggie where they never would have thought it fit.

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Retail Dietitians and Social Media: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Social media provides a huge platform for education, interaction, brand awareness, and more. If you are a retail dietitian, social media needs to be on your radar. Even if your retailer and/or private brands have Twitter handles and a presence in the variety of social media sites, it’s important that you as a professional have your own handle to build your brand, help your target audience know who you are and what you stand for, and to interact with fellow professionals both in and out of the retail space. Here is some food for thought to consider if you haven’t already joined the conversation.